Reclaiming the past to build the future

Reclaiming the past to build the future

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Fastest turnaround in the UK!

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We love 'reclamation and recycling bricks, tiles etc...

At JS Buyers & Sellers in Hampshire we love reclamation and recycling, as it’s cost effective for our customers and better for the environment and planet earth.

We like to keep our eye on what’s happening all over the world when it comes to good, green initiatives and we found this nice story from India.

‘Over 110 tonnes of dust has been collected from city roads in India since the beginning of October.

It’s in a ‘green’ initiative that’s been launched in an attempt to reduce pollution.

Officials say the dust, collected from five areas, has been collected in 22,500 sacks and now it will be used to make bricks and earthen pots.’

For all your building reclamation needs whether it’s in India or Hampshire then please call JS Buyers & Sellers in Hampshire on 07583 659255.

We love bricks

Quirky brick facts from JS Buyers & Sellers (as we love our bricks!).

1: Early civilisations adopted the use of fired bricks, including the Romans and Ancient Greeks.

2: During the middle ages the use of bricks in construction became popular in the rest of Europe after being introduced there from Italy.

3: The world’s highest brick tower is St Martin’s Church  in Germany which was completed in 1500.

We love our bricks. Please call us today as if you need to know about or buy bricks as are the experts in Hampshire and the South East.

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