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Reclaimed Slates

We Offer A Price Match Guarantee on Official Quotes.

Cost effective quality

With a new roof or re-roof, reclaimed materials instantly give a historical appearance, often at a lower cost than new materials.

Reclaimed slate roofing is often the best choice when it comes to restoring an old roof and can also be a great choice for a new roof or re-roof.

Welsh Slates in Penrith Purple and Gray in all sizes from just 40p + VAT per slate

We also stock New Spanish slates (20 x 10) for just £1 + vat per slate.

A wide range of slates.

We often receive into the yard, large quantities of roof slates and tiles. We normally stock reclaimed Welsh slates, handmade and Rosemary tiles in red clay, brindle and Staffordshire blue. Our tiles are all reusable and can be put on a pallet, ready for dispatch.

Why choose reclaimed slates?

For a roof restoration project, reclaimed slate usually matches better than new slate. This recreates the original aesthetics and gets rid of the “patched” look that comes with using new materials. We stock 30 different sizes of natural Welsh slate, so no matter the surface area, we’ve got it covered.

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