10% NHS Donation

We recognise the commitment and the sacrifices of NHS staff are making and will be donating 10% of the profits made from sales to NHS.

Reclaimed Tiles

We Offer A Price Match Guarantee on Official Quotes.

Reclaimed roof tiles are a sought after building material and can be quite rare. Our tiles are specially chosen for our yard, so you know they’ve all been checked and are of a decent reclaimed quality.

For over 20 years we have provided reclaimed building materials, including reclaimed tiles to major salvage companies across England. So we know what to look for when selecting our tiles for our yard or your order.

We stock all reclaim tiles including branded names and discontinued tiles. For a perfect match at a competitive price please call and speak to one of our specialists.

We Buy Tiles

We buy tiles straight off the roof and have a qualified team to remove the tiles with maximum efficiency. This saves the hassle of taking them off yourself. We guarantee to buy any stock you don't use at 10% more than you paid and can match any quote you’ve received.

We match Tiles

Don't forget that we offer a dedicated roof tile matching service where our team can come out to your property to assess your tiles. Let us move forward with your tile matching requirements!

Checked and Qualified

All Tiles are checked and are of the highest quality. Call today for the best prices on reclaimed tiles or visit us at one of our Yards. We are ideally located and are always on hand to help you with your needs and requirements.

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